Orderstay moves in at five-star Melia Braga Hotel & Spa

The idea was born four years ago at this property. Now we're back.

In 2014 on a student exchange programme in Portugal, a trip around the country with check-in at three different hotels began the story of Orderstay. Jess Singh, our Founder & CEO shortly explain the struggles he felt on each of the properties;


"When you'r guest at a four or five-star property, the last thing you want to struggle with, is to take advantage of in-house services. Viewed from both the operational side of the hotel and the guest experience, this is a loss. I continually experienced communication and order issues due to outdated channels, which I decided to solve."


By following a agile and lean approach, today Orderstay has evolved to not only become a solving part of the in-house experience, but also the pre and after-part. To become the most powerful mobile tool in the hospitality industry, a strategic decision was taken primo 2018 by moving the head office to five-star Melia Braga Hotel & Spa in Portugal to be a daily learner about the problem we're solving. Not only a place for Orderstay to operate, but as well the place of living. The big and spacious hotel lobby is the primary working, which makes Orderstay able to interact with the daily life as hotel guests. For our vision, this is evaluated as the most creative and useful environment to be in, which already now have helped with experiences implemented in the upcoming product which in a normal environment wasn't explored. To become the best, extraordinary actions are required.

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